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 Pollution and Environmental Dangers

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Pollution and Environmental Dangers Empty
PostSubject: Pollution and Environmental Dangers   Pollution and Environmental Dangers Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2014 6:55 pm

How much do you think we pollute and harm the Earth? Some studies suggest we do great harm due to the burning of fossil fuels and consumption of resources, polluting the oceans and wilderness. Other studies suggest that what we do has minimal effect and the Earth causes greater damage to itself with natural disasters and the aftermath of volcanic activity and so on.

Either way you look at it, and the facts that seem to make the most logical sense, it seems that whatever damage is being done won't really change or damage our planet severely for millions of years. However, what will be that generations fate in those millions of years? Surely we will have made precautions to better protect the planet and even migrated some to another planet such as Mars and will begin new lives there?

What are your thoughts on this matter?
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Pollution and Environmental Dangers
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