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 Rules and ToS

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PostSubject: Rules and ToS   Rules and ToS Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2014 5:32 pm

Rules and ToS 2rxttp0

Here at Midnight Tavern I am confident that we can get along without any real problems. Therefore the rules here will be very basic and to the point.

1. Do not harass/flame/troll/bully any of the members, or the community in general.

2. No pornographic material or illegal software may be posted.

3. No thread flooding.**

4. No hateful/abusive content posted.**

**Note: Rule 3 regarding thread flooding is when a member posts multiple messages in a row one after the other in a thread within a matter of seconds, minutes, or hours with no one else's posts in between their posts. If you post a bunch of messages one after the other to a specific thread, but days or weeks have gone by between your posts, that does not count as thread flooding and you will not be in violation of this rule. So, keep that in mind. There is a difference between thread flooding and simply posting to a thread from time to time that may or may not have new posts in it from your last post. (Some threads such as certain game threads will be exempt from this rule depending on the nature of the thread in question.)

**Note: Rule 4 regarding hateful/abusive content seems pretty self explanatory, but just so everyone is clear, there is a difference between expressing a simple opinion about something and going overboard. Exercising common sense is required in this area. For example, stating an opinion about something you dislike or someone's behavior/conduct (such as someone in the media and whatnot) that you don't agree with or like is fine, so long as you don't go overboard with hateful/abusive comments. A good rule of thumb is to not use expletive after expletive and derogatory comments of a highly hateful/abusive manner. This probably goes without saying, but clearly calling out groups of people and things you dislike or don't agree with with extremely hateful/abusive derogatory/prejudice/bigoted/racial slurs is not tolerated. Obviously spamming and trolling with such behavior is a fine example of what not to do. Keep this in mind when you wish to express your opinion, and exercising common sense.

Every member is required to abide by all of the rules above. If you do not, you risk having your posts deleted, threads locked, become temporarily suspended or even permanently banned, and so on depending on the rule(s) that is broken and the severity of it.

Reporting Posts/Threads/Members

If you feel that someone has broken one or more of these rules please report them directly to the administrator:

- Derek (Active)
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Rules and ToS
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