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 Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015)

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Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015) Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015)   Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 27, 2014 7:18 pm

Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015) 21lsytj

Release Date: 2015

The sequel to Battle of Gods is set as Goku and co. must fight for the fate of the universe once again

Well, we all knew a DBZ thread would be made eventually, so here it is. We will use this thread to discuss the movie primarily, but we can also use it to discuss DBZ in general I suppose. For now anyway.

Here is a teaser trailer for the film:

Worst wish in history, some speculate it will have something to do with the other universes or resurrecting a foe that will make Birusu look like Raditz! lol...

And as for general DBZ talk, I just wanted to say a couple things... I have seen people talk about how they are sick of Goku winning all the time and getting these vast power-ups no one else gets, at least not until way later when they are irrelevant. I just wanted to say that Goku is the MAIN CHARACTER... He is and will always be the main character. Now I know other works of fiction have had others win besides their franchise's main character all the time, but more often than not, the main characters of other works of fiction win most of the time as well.... Also, c'mon... He's the main character for a reason, thus will win most of the time. God forbid an author has his main character be the hero more often than not huh? Just horrible... lol... Not only that but Goku hasn't won every time. Gohan got a bone thrown to him against Cell, and Vegeta is poised to be the main hero victor of this new movie, which also puts the rumors to rest that AT HATES Vegeta... Sorry, not true. No author flat out hates any of his characters. Vegeta may be AT's least favorite, but he doesn't hate him. Hate is such a strong word. If AT hated Vegeta so much he woulda killed him off in the Saiyajin or Freeza arcs for good, despite his fan favorite status. So I never bought that nonsense.

Also I see people complaining about things AT has said in the last couple years and flat out say AT is wrong and full of crap and that they don't believe what he says as fact. One person even made the comment that they don't understand why people believe what AT says as fact, like he's a god or something.... Ummm..... He is a god... The god of the DB universe... He created DB, thus he is the ultimate, god of gods of DB, so that is a rather ridiculous statement to make.

I know that AT has said some rather crazy things lately, things that either contradict his earlier statements and things some fans don't like to hear. You can chalk that up to his forgetfulness and whatnot, but whether you like it or not, whether it makes sense or not, it is fact and he does have the last word as the god creator of DB. I'm sorry, but statements made by the creator of DB, regardless of how crazy they are, hold more water than the opinions of simple fans, as fans didn't create the series, thus your feelings on his statements are irrelevant to the big picture of things. I don't like everything he has said over the last few years and I may discuss how silly I think some of them are, but I will never flat out say he is wrong or isn't the god of DB, because those are ridiculous statements to make... If AT comes out tomorrow and says the Saiyajin race are descendants of space chickens, that may be stupid as hell, but as the man who created the series, his word is fact and we have no choice but to accept that. Silly and ridiculous? Yes... To claim he is wrong and is not "a god" of his own universe however, no...

Then I see these same people claiming that he is ruining his own franchise and making it stupider and stupider... Well all I have to say to that is, if you really feel that way, stop watching and paying attention to DB... No one is forcing you to stick around with the series. Chances are if you say all of that yet continue to watch/read/pay attention to it, you are still a fan, so your words are just contradictory nonsense really. I have never met anyone who says stuff like that about something they are a fan of, and stick around to further pay attention to it. 99% of the time someone says something like that, they turn around and walk away and stop giving whatever they said that about attention. For some reason, anime/DB fans seem to talk trash yet stick around as fans. Makes no sense at all.

As I said earlier, I don't always like everything AT states, and I have made my opinion known about it, and I acknowledge that AT is a mediocre writer sometimes. But I would never flat out say he is horrible, an idiot, ruining the series, is flat out wrong, or isn't a god of his own universe. Those are flat out ridiculous things to say; BUT, if I ever did say things like that, I would walk away from the series forever, not stick around like an abused victim with Stockholm syndrome. I am still a big fan of this series and will always be. That doesn't make me an overzealous fanboy, it makes me a logical fan. Anyone who would claim i'm a blind lil fanboy, yet talks all this trash about AT and DB, yet still sticks around as a fan themselves seem to be the blind ones to me.

ANYWAY, I can't wait for this movie to come out. I am very excited to see what will happen in this one, and I am very excited to hear that AT will finally give Vegeta his time to shine, so he can rub it in Kakarott's face! lol... I loved the first BoG movie, loved Birusu, and I can only imagine what they will do next.

Seems like they forgot that Dende's dragon can grant two wishes... Another forgetful thing I am sure AT let slip his mind, but as I made clear in my statements above, not nearly anything to make a big deal out of and get all riled up about... Space chickens folks... Space chickens! Hahaa...
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015)   Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 10:38 pm

I thought this show was stupid. Just a shit ton of yelling like they are shitting there pants and stare downs with 5 minutes of fighting in between. Most anime is like that I think.

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Dragon Ball Z BoG Sequel (2015)
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