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 Capital Punishement.

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PostSubject: Capital Punishement.   Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:53 pm

Well, I just spend 4 hours watching Forensic files, and I am disgusted at human nature. I do think that Capital punishment is not used enough. I also think that lethal injection is to humane for these animals. What ever happened to the gas chamber, or the electric chair, or hangins?? It pisses me off that these animals are kept alive, while my tax dollars are used to feed them... What do you guys think?
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PostSubject: Re: Capital Punishement.   Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:49 pm

Take them out back and put one between the eyes. Cover there face up with a head wrap. I think all the stuff I saw overseas made me less caring in terms of Capital Punishment. I'm tired of seeing all over our tax dollars spend on building over nations up while we don't do anything about all the homeless and hungry people at home.
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PostSubject: Re: Capital Punishement.   Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:25 pm

While I do think slow, painful torture is a fantasy many people have had and can agree with when it comes to someone they truly despise who has done something horrible to them or someone they know personally, I do not think that is the answer in reality when punishing offenders of murder and such. The fact that we can kill them painlessly and quickly is what separates us from them.

The argument for the death penalty in general from people against it is pretty much the opposite of what I just said. "Killing the murderer makes you just as bad as the murderer!" Which I totally disagree with. IMO, killing people in cold blood, especially children, is not at all the same as killing in the name of justice. If people wouldn't kill in cold blood to begin with, we wouldn't ever kill anyone in the name of justice. So if people wanna say I am just as bad as the murderer, need to realize the distinction between the ways in which and why we are killing. I am not for killing innocent people, but I am for the killing of the piece of shit murderer who raped and killed a buncha women in the name of justice. That does not make me at all like the murderer. Not all life is precious when said life takes the lives of innocents for selfish and inconsiderate gain or pleasure.

Now, onto why we kill. When someone does a crime deemed violently extreme enough, such as murder, some states do kill them with a death penalty. Death is the penalty you pay for taking the lives of the innocent, or unnecessarily. I think that should be the punishment. The punishment should often times fit the crime. Death for death(s)... If we don't then many offenders go to prison and make a life out of it, getting fed, cared for medically, watch cable TV, have a gym, play prison sports (lol), etc... Many of them don't really feel punished at all and just live out there days in a prison that for them, is a ghetto hotel more than a punishing prison. Others who are not lifers serve their time and either come out indifferent, or end up killing again and going right back. Studies have suggested IIRC that serving prison time doesn't change a very high percentage of these offenders and the majority of them do it again after being released. So for one thing, they feel like murder isn't that big a deal when the death penalty is banned, so they more or less laugh at the punishment, and for another, we could have prevented many deaths if we had killed the murderer the first time he was in prison.

Now onto how we kill... This is where I disagree with both of you. Killing in the name of justice is all we need to accomplish here. There is no need to be extreme in our tactics with a firing squad, hanging, electric chair, or gas chamber. Overly violent, painful, and barbaric ways to kill in which we have definitely evolved from doing. I don't have any issues with a quick and painless "go to sleep" feeling of a death penalty. The point is that violent murderer is gone and will never hurt anyone ever again, and that is more than good enough, that's all we require.

Extremely violent criminals/murderers make me sick too. I think they do everyone so we all agree they are pieces of shit that don't deserve to see another day, but we don't have to be barbaric in the ways in which we kill them when science/technology and such has found a way for us to kill them peacefully, painlessly, and quickly. That is more humane, and definitely makes us different from the killer criminals. They are basically being put down the same way animals get put down. So if you wanna make a lil joke about it, you could technically say they are being put down like the animals they are. Hahaa..

The main problem is the fact we have all these states that have banned the death penalty period. I think all 50 states should allow the death penalty, and just put them to sleep peacefully like an old dog at the vet.
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PostSubject: Re: Capital Punishement.   

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Capital Punishement.
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