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 Tavern FAQ and Information

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PostSubject: Tavern FAQ and Information   Tavern FAQ and Information Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2014 5:17 pm

Tavern FAQ and Information 2v2tpjr

Here you will find information and helpful links to help you use the forum and its features properly.

General Info

Q: Do I have to be a registered member to use this site/forum?

A: No, you do not have to register to comment, post on the forums, or participate on the site.

However, registering would give you extra features including a profile, friends and foes management, avatar/signature options, profile options, creating polls, editing your posts, quoting others posts, and more!

Q: How do I format, post images, videos, links, etc...?

A: BBcode FAQ (Some features available to members only)

Q: Are there any posting limits?

A: No, you may post as much as you want as long as you are not spamming/flooding/breaking the rules.

Threads are also locked after reaching 25 pages. If the thread is still active upon locking it, a new thread will be made to replace the old one.

Q: Is there any censorship here?

A: No. cursing and such is permitted as long as it is not blatantly used to insult others.

Members Only Info

Q: I signed up for an account but didn't get an activation e-mail. What's the deal?

A: You are not required to activate your account. Once you have registered, you are free to log in immediately.

Q: How do I create a poll?

A: When you create a thread, look at the bottom of the page under the text box. You will see a bar that says "Add a Poll". Click on the + sign to the right in the bar and a poll menu will pop up. Once you have finished creating the poll, click in the polls title text box and hit the enter key.

Q: What are the size limits for avatars?

A: 150 pixels (width) by 200 pixels (height)
File size limit: 64KB

Q: What are the limits for signatures?

A: 500 characters, but please do not go nuts with signature images and walls of text or you signature may be taken down.

Q: How do I set up and edit my profile information, avatar, and signature?

A: Access your edit profile menu by clicking on "Profile" on the navigation bar at the top of any forums page. You may also access your profile by clicking on "Welcome "Your Username"" at the very top of the site's right hand corner and clicking "Edit profile". You will then see tabs for information, preferences, signature, avatar, friends and foes, notifications, topics being watched, and favourites.

Q: How do I set my signature to show in every post?

A: Click on the preferences tab and click "Yes" on the "Always attach my signature" option about half way down into the options.

Q: How does friends and foes management work?

A: In order to add a friend or foe, you have two options. The first option is to go to the members profile. To the far upper right of their profile you will see the options to add them as a friend or foe.

The second option is to do it through your profile edit menu. You must access your edit profile menu by clicking on "Profile" on the navigation bar at the top of any forums page. You may also access your profile by clicking on "Welcome "Your Username"" at the very top of the site's right hand corner and clicking "Edit profile". Then you must click on the "Friends and foes" tab. On that tab you will have the option to enter in the usernames of members you would like to add as a friend, or a foe.

When you add a friend, they must accept or deny the friend request. In order to accept or deny a friend request, you must also go through the "Friends and foes" tab in the edit profile menu. You click on the plus button to accept, and the minus button to deny. Once someone has been added to your friends list, both you and the other member will be listed on each others friends list. Foes are to be added if you dislike a member and wish to ignore them. Foes are members whose messages will not be entirely visible and of which you will not receive any more private messages. Note that you cannot ignore the moderators or the administrator.

Q: What kind of features does my profile have?

A: Profiles here at Midnight Tavern have a few features that you can access and have fun with. You can access your own profile, or anyone else's profile easily by either clicking their username, or by clicking the "Profile" button below any ones post. You may also access your own profile through the edit profile menu by clicking on "Profile" on the navigation bar, followed by clicking on the link "View profile" under the information tab. You may also access your profile by clicking on "Welcome "Your Username"" at the very top of the site's right hand corner and clicking "View profile".

Profiles have 5 different sections you can look through and use. Visitor messages, Profile, Statistics, Friends, and Contact. Visitor messages is a wall on your profile where other members can leave you messages. "Profile" is basically the "About Me" page which simply reflects your overall profile information. Statistics shows that members activity. The Friends tab displays all of your friends and when they are online. Finally, the Contact tab shows all of that members contact info that they wish to share.

On your profile, and under the Information tab while editing/updating your profile, amongst all the available options, you will also see "Misc. Info". That text box may be used to include anything else about you that you wish to share. You may also include URL's if you wish to link to another website or image or what not. You must use the url tags to do so however. Check the BBcode FAQ above to learn how if you need to.

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.
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Tavern FAQ and Information
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